scully st marks

Construction of the consolidated Scully-St. Mark’s Storm Pump Station is set to begin late November 2023. This project is Phase 1 of Tecumseh’s major Flood Resiliency Project which is funded in part by the federal Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund (DMAF). The new pump station will be a major improvement to the existing regional stormwater infrastructure servicing the St. Clair Beach area and marks the first step towards reducing the risks of flooding. The increased pump station capacity has been designed with consideration of climate change and will allow for future long-term drainage improvements within the Scully-St. Mark’s Pump Station drainage area.

The project is located on Riverside Drive East between Grant Avenue and Arlington Boulevard and includes the Scully Storm Pump Station Site (Scully Beach Park at 13698 Riverside Drive East) and the St. Mark’s Storm Pump Station Site (St. Mark’s Beach Park at 13770 Riverside East). The project includes decommissioning and removal of the existing Scully and St. Mark’s Storm Pump Stations, construction of a new consolidated Scully-St. Mark’s Storm Pump Station, installation of a new trunk storm sewer on Riverside Drive and related road reconstruction, and shoreline protection upgrades at both beach park sites.

Due to the nature of the project, the works will be completed in two-stages. Stage 1 includes the construction of the new consolidated Scully-St. Mark’s Pump Station at the existing Scully Storm Pump Station Site (13698 Riverside Drive East) and is expected to be completed by Fall 2024. Stage 2 is expected to commence in Summer 2024 and involves the trunk storm sewer installation and road reconstruction along Riverside Drive East between Grant Avenue and Arlington Boulevard. Stage 2 is expected to be completed by the end of 2024. Preliminary works including exploratory digs, precondition surveys, and construction signage installation will take place prior to construction commencement in mid November 2023.

To facilitate construction, traffic detours and associated signage will be installed to divert east-west commuter traffic from using Riverside Drive East between Manning Road and Brighton Road and to instead use Tecumseh Road East. For Stage 1, Riverside Drive will be closed to through traffic between Grant Avenue and St. Mark’s Boulevard, with access maintained for local traffic only. Please see attached map for the construction detour plan. In addition, the Scully Beach Park and St. Mark’s Beach Park will be closed to public access for the full duration of the project. Sidewalk access and use will also be restricted during construction. Nearby residents and pedestrians requiring access within the project limit are advised to exercise caution and follow all posted signage.

Thank you for your patience. Visit the Town’s website at for more information on this project.

map of scully st marks detour plan