The 2016 Culvert Needs Study (Structures with Spans < 3.0m) identified three culverts for replacement within a one to 5-year timeframe:

  1. Culvert No. 42 - South Talbot Road Drain at Snake Lane Road
  2. Culvert No. 53 - 9th Line Drain at Snake Lane Road
  3. Culvert No. 54 - Webster Drain at Snake Lane Road

The culvert replacements were included in the Public Works and Engineering Services five-year capital works plan (2023 - 2027), which was approved by Council at their meeting held January 26, 2023 (Motion SCM-04/23).

This project generally consists of the replacement of three rigid frame concrete bridges, each of which provide crossing over municipal drains along Snake Lane. The existing bridge structures and retaining walls will be removed and replaced with new precast concrete box culverts and headwalls. 

A tender call was advertised on the Town's Bids and Tenders portal on the website on January 27, 2023. Ten tender submissions were received and opened on February 16, 2023. Based on their low tender submission and subsequent discussions, South Shore Contracting of Essex County Inc. was awarded the tender.

The total project cost for the Snake Lane Culvert Replacement Project is $1,520,995.

The Town submitted this project as a potential candidate for use of the Canada Community-Building Fund (CCBF). The Town received approval to use the CCBF in the amount of $1,200,000 to fund this project. 

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