Role of site plan control

Site plan control is a way for municipalities to guide development on a site-specific basis, to ensure that:

  • developments are built and maintained in a proper manner
  • new developments meet certain standards of quality and appearance
  • proper servicing and infrastructure is provided
  • there is safe and easy access for pedestrians and vehicles
  • the appearance and design features of buildings, and their sustainable design, are satisfactory
  • there is adequate landscaping, parking and drainage
  • nearby properties are protected from incompatible development through noise abatement, screening and landscape design.

Generally, the following types of development are subject to site plan control:

  • Commercial, Institutional and Industrial developments
  • Medium and High Density Residential developments

For more information on site plan control requirements, or to determine if a specific property is subject to site plan control, please contact the Planning Department.


Site plan control is processed through the approval of a site plan control agreement document and associated drawings (Schedules) by Town Administration.  A consultation meeting is required with Town Administration before a site plan control application can be submitted.

Site plan control approvals are required prior to the issuance of a building permit. The process involves the applicant and municipal staff from various Town Departments. Municipal staff reviews submitted drawings and review meetings are held with the applicant to discuss any required revisions.

Typically, site plan control involves the review of:

  • drawings that illustrate the physical arrangements of structures on the site and the location of access points, parking areas, pedestrian linkages, landscaping, lighting, fencing and signage; and
  • drawings for the development's municipal servicing (water, storm water drainage and sanitary) design.

The application for Site Plan Control is available in the Planning Application Forms section of the Planning Department site.