Courts will be closed for the season beginning November 15, 2022. 

Recreational Tennis Membership

A seasonal membership provides a key to access the courts at Optimist Park, McAuliffe Park and Weston Park. The Tennis Courts season is April to November, when nets are installed and the fence lock is functional. Once nets are removed, the courts are closed for the season.

Membership key access allows 1 player plus 1 guest opponent entry to the court. Keys are not to be shared; the purchaser is to be present when accessing the courts.

Court locations and hours

Tennis CourtsCourt HoursAddress

Optimist Park

8 AM to 10 PM

13731 St. Gregory's Road, Tecumseh

McAuliffe Park

8 AM to 10 PM

2391 St. Alphonse Street, Tecumseh

Weston Park

8 AM to 8:30 PM

5284 North Talbot Road, Oldcastle


To purchase a key, register at or call the Tecumseh Parks and Recreation office during office hours. All sales are final.



Tennis Court Key – Full Season

$28.10 plus tax

Tennis Court Key – ½ Season (starting Sept. 1st)

$14.16 plus tax

Tennis / Pickleball Combo – Full Season

$45.13 plus tax

Tennis / Pickleball Combo – ½ Season (starting Sept 1st)

$22.57 plus tax

Lost Key Replacement

$12.00 plus tax

 Terms and Conditions of Use / Court Etiquette:
  1. Individuals must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to purchase a key
  2. Key access to the courts is seasonal
  3. A key allows 1 player plus 1 guest opponent entry to the court
  4. The courts must be locked when you are finished play at all times
  5. No pets allowed in the fenced court area
  6. Play time is limited to half an hour when others are waiting
  7. Wear soft-soled shoes on the court
  8. Pick up after yourself and use the trash bins provided

Our goal is to ensure the surface is protected.

Contact the Tecumseh Parks and Recreation Department in the event of damage / vandalism or if the condition of the court requires attention.

Dates for season opening and closing are dependent upon weather conditions and maintenance scheduling. The Town reserves the right to close the courts at its discretion. The Town will endeavour to provide advanced notification (ie: Facebook, Twitter, signage) 48 hours prior to court closure.