skate park

COVID-19 Update: Signage will be posted at the facility indicating COVID-19 safe play recommendations. Residents using these facilities are reminded to keep their distance from others at the facility by leaving 2 metres of space at all times. Users are to provide their own equipment and wash/sanitize hands and equipment before and after play.

Located behind Tecumseh Town Hall, the Skate Park structure is 4,000 square feet and includes amazing features that provide challenges for all ages, skill levels and types of users from skateboards, to BMX'ers, to inline skates.

The Skate Park is unsupervised and the use of protective equipment is strongly recommended. Park hours are 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., April through October.

Parking for the skate park is available at the Tecumseh Recreation Complex & Arena parking lot located at 12021 McNorton Street, Tecumseh.


Check out the live Skate Park Webcam here.