The Town of Tecumseh is responsible for removing snow from municipal roadways. Public Works staff regularly monitor road conditions to help in the safe and timely maintenance of our roads.

Public Works staff completes snow removal from roadways in order of priority:

  1. Main streets and commercial zones
  2. School zones
  3. Transit routes
  4. Residential streets

The Town is not responsible for snow removal on county roads, provincial roads or private roads.

Significant Weather Event

Declaring a Significant Weather Event deems all roadways and/or sidewalks in the Town of Tecumseh in a state of repair with respect to snow accumulation and/or ice conditions such that it may take longer for the Public Works Division to achieve the Maintenance Standards. The Town of Tecumseh will maintain the roadways and/or sidewalks as per the levels of service identified in the Maintenance Standards with respect to snow accumulation and/or ice conditions once the Significant Weather Event has ended.

Significant Weather Event Policy #107


County Roads

The County of Essex is the road authority responsible for maintaining the following county roads:

  • CR 19 (Manning Road) from Tecumseh Road south to County Road 8
  • CR 43 (11th Concession Rd) from County Road 42 south to County Road 46
  • CR 22 (EC Row) from Banwell Road to Manning Road
  • County Road 42 from County Road 43 to Manning Road
  • County Road 46 from Highway 401 to County Road 19
  • CR 17 (10th Concession Rd) from Highway 401 to County Road 46
  • County Road 34 from Highway 3 to County Road 19
  • Walker Road from Highway 401 to County Road 8
  • Howard Avenue from Highway 3 to County Road 8
  • County Road 8 from Howard Avenue to County Road 19

If you have concerns regarding the condition of a county road, contact the County of Essex at 519-326-8691 ext. 1900.

Provincial Highways

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is the road authority responsible for maintaining the following highways:

  • Highway 401
  • Highway 3

You can access up-to-date information on road conditions, construction projects and traffic conditions on provincial highways by visiting the MTO website or by calling 511.

Private Roads

The Town is not responsible for maintaining the following private roads:

  • Village Grove Drive
  • Tuscany Drive
  • Community Crescent
  • Dove Lane
  • Hawk Lane
  • Cardinal Court
  • Sunset Lane

You can help facilitate the Town's winter control by considering the following helpful tips:

  • Remove all vehicles from the road following a snowfall.
  • Do not place snow from sidewalks or driveways on the street. The Highway Traffic Act and Town of Tecumseh Bylaw prohibit the placing of snow or ice on a roadway.
  • Be patient. Snowplows will eventually clear the streets of snow.
  • Do not place hockey nets or basketball nets on the roadway or sidewalks.
  • Do not place snow or ice immediately beside or blocking access to a fire hydrant.
  • Clear snow and ice from sewer grates and culverts to help prevent flooding.

Damage to Rural Mailboxes

There are times when a snowplow may damage a rural mailbox during snow removal operations. The Town's Rural Mailbox Policy outlines criteria regarding mailbox replacement when damage occurs. Avoid installing mailboxes where they can be damaged by plowing operations. During periods of heavy snow accumulation, mailboxes are sometimes damaged as a result of winter plowing operations. On most occasions they are knocked down or damaged by the force of the snow coming off the plow.

If you require additional information or would like to report a concern or problem, contact the Public Works department via email or call 519-735-2184 ext. 142.

Snow Removal on Sidewalks

It is important to clear snow and ice from sidewalks to provide safe passage for pedestrians.

Property owners are required to clear snow and ice from sidewalks abutting their property in accordance with Town of Tecumseh By-law 2016-06.

Town of Tecumseh staff remove snow from sidewalks:

  • located on major roadways in the Town (i.e. Tecumseh Road, Manning Road, Lesperance Road, Riverside Drive, etc.);
  • fronting school properties and municipal parking lots; and
  • connecting neighbourhoods (i.e. catwalks) and all municipal pathways and trails.

Snow Angels

The Town of Tecumseh coordinates a program to offer assistance to senior residents and persons with physical disabilities in clearing the snow from the sidewalk fronting their property.

To learn more about the Snow Removal Program, please email us or contact the Community Recreation Services Department at 519-735-4756 ext. 0.