The Town of Tecumseh Environmental Services Department oversees the Town's water and wastewater systems.

Water System

The Water Division is committed to delivering clean, reliable, and safe water to consumers in the Town of Tecumseh while maintaining strict adherence to all applicable legislative and regulatory requirements.

The Town of Tecumseh is supplied with water from the City of Windsor. The water treatment plant, trunk transmission mains, pumping stations and reservoirs in the City of Windsor are owned and operated by the Windsor Utilities Commission (WUC).

The Town of Tecumseh owns and operates the water distribution system within the Town of Tecumseh.

If you would like to connect to the Town's water distribution system, please complete the Water Meter and Service Permit and submit to the Water Division at Town Hall. For questions regarding the Permit, please contact the Manager of Water & Wastewater Services.

Wastewater Systems

The Town's sanitary collection system conveys wastewater to the City of Windsor wastewater treatment facilities.

The sanitary collection system is maintained by Public Works staff.