When you are babysitting, it is important to be prepared and know what to do in case there is a fire.

Be prepared

  • Know the address of where you are babysitting
  • Have a list of emergency contacts ready, including:
    • The adults that hired you
    • Another number of a neighbour, family member etc.
    • 911

Have an escape plan

Ask the adults who hired you about the household's fire escape plan.

 child playing with toys on the floor

Stay with the kids

Supervise the children when they are awake and check on them often when they are in bed. Once they are asleep, stay close enough to hear them if they wake up. If there is a fire, you will know where they are and it will be easier to help them escape.


Basic precautions

  • Do not smoke
  • Keep matches and lighters away in a place where children cannot reach them
  • Keep any space heaters at least three feet away from anything that can burn. Keep the children away from any heating source
  • If you cook, always get permission first. Declare a “kid free zone” three feet around the stove or microwave. Turn pot handles kin toward the centre of the stove so children cannot grab them. Never leave the room when you are cooking. Keep toys, clothing, paper and other clutter off of the stove
  • Follow all instructions for cooking and never leave cooking unattended

If there is a fire

  • If there is a fire, stay calm. Your first job is to get everyone outside
  • Once you are outside, stay outside by the designated meeting area, do not go back in for anything
  • Call 911. Use a neighbour's phone or call from a cell phone if you have one
  • Give the fire department the exact address of the fire and stay on the phone until they tell you to hang up
  • Call the adults that hired you


    National Fire Protection Association Tip Sheet -  Babysitting Safety