Did you know?

  • July is the peak month for grill fires followed by May, June and August
  • Nearly half of all injuries involving grills are from thermal burns

Ways to prevent grill fires and injuries:

  • Keep it clean. Remove greasy buildup on and below the grill surface
  • Check all propane tanks and gas lines for leaks and damage
  • Place your barbecue away from your home, deck railings and under eaves
  • Make sure the grill lid is open before lighting
  • Never leave a lit grill unattended
  • Use long-handled grilling utensils and heat-resistant oven mitts to prevent burns
  • Keep a garden hose nearby and ready for use in the event of a fire

Barbecuing on balconies

If you live in an apartment or condominium building, check your lease agreements or condominium rules to find out if barbecues of any kind are allowed on your balcony.

Ask your superintendent or property manager if you do not have a copy of the rules and regulations specific to your building.

In most cases, balconies are not set up for the use of barbecues, as they are not large enough to provide enough space from things that can burn.

Smoke from barbecues can drift into nearby apartment units causing concerns for other residents. Smoke entering through windows, doors or air intakes can cause false smoke alarms and fire alarms.

Please be considerate of fellow residents and do your part to prevent a false alarm caused by smoke or a fire caused by a barbecue.

If barbecues are permitted in your building, there are still some regulations that you need to be aware of:

  • The balcony must be open, no closures or walls have been erected
  • Cylinders must be transported in a service elevator. When there are no service elevators, the person must use the passenger elevator alone to transport the cylinder
  • Cylinders must be kept outdoors
  • The barbecue must be clear of all materials that can burn
  • The cylinder relief valve must be at least one metre horizontally from any building opening below it, and three metres from a building air intake

Ontario Fire Code considerations

The Ontario Fire Code does not specifically prohibit the use of barbecues on balconies. However, in the event of fire damage resulting from a barbecue, the owner or resident may face some liability for resulting damage.

Please be advised that Tecumseh Fire Rescue Services does not give approval for balcony barbecuing due to the following concerns:

  • Potential for leakage of propane gas and extensive fire spread from any leakage
  • Lack of proper electrical receptacles on balconies and the need to use temporary solutions such as extension cords, which cause associated hazards
  • Potential for the spread of hot embers from charcoal barbecues with wind conditions
  • Difficulty for firefighters to access balconies to extinguish the fire and the ability for fire to rapidly spread into the building through glass windows and doors


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