The Fire Prevention Officer conducts request, complaint and routine inspections plus approval and permit-related activities.

Request Inspections

You can request an inspection if you are a property owner or tenant to make sure you comply with the Ontario Fire Code.

Some examples of inspections include:

  • Open air burn permit approval inspections
  • Sale of property inspections, including retrofit
  • Liquor licence approval inspections
  • Day care approval inspections and
  • Fire safety plan approvals

Some fees may apply.

Please see Town of Tecumseh's Fees and Charges bylaw for more information.

Complaint Inspections

The Tecumseh Fire Department conducts inspections based on complaints relating to any perceived fire hazards. If you have a complaint or concern related to a specific property in Tecumseh, please contact the Fire Prevention Officer.

Routine Inspections

Routine building inspections are conducted annually or every two years depending on community risk. For more information about routine inspections in Tecumseh, please contact the Fire Prevention Officer.