farm with barns and silos

If you are a livestock owner, a barn fire may be one of your biggest nightmares. You could lose thousands of dollars worth of supplies, feed and equipment and, in the worst-case scenario, your animals. Most fires are preventable and are often the result of carelessness or simply a lack of knowledge.

Barns and other farm buildings are specifically exempt from Ontario Fire Code regulations. However, if you would like some suggested fire safety tips or have a fire prevention question or concern related to a farm, barn or rural properties, don't hesitate to contact Tecumseh Fire Rescue Services.

How to improve fire safety in and around your barn:

  • Have working, accessible fire extinguishers
  • Clearly post address at each exit and ensure all exits are clear of obstructions
  • For horse barns, leave horses haltered or hang halters and leads on stall doors should evacuation be required
  • Although not required, consider some form of fire detection system (smoke alarms) to provide early warning of fire
  • Where municipal water supply exists, consider installing a sprinkler system
  • Update electrical and heating systems
  • Regularly check all appliances, wiring, electrical equipment and heat-producing materials and equipment to ensure everything is in safe, working order
  • Extension cords should only be used temporarily and should be removed after use
  • Install lightning rods
  • Situate manure piles at least 10 meters away from barns to reduce the chance of combustion
  • Ensure hay and straw are properly dried before storing it in the barn
  • Clean cobwebs, loose hay and dust regularly
  • Never refuel engines inside a building or while the engine is running or hot
  • Enforce a no smoking rule in or around the barn

Barn fire prevention resources: