cat sitting in front of heater

Half of home heating equipment fires are reported during the months of December, January, and February. If not used properly, portable space heaters can become a fire hazard. Some simple steps can prevent most heating related fires from happening.

Tips for the safe use of space heaters

  • Keep at least one metre away from combustible materials such as paper, bedding, furniture and curtains
  • Never plug an electric space heater into an extension cord
  • Do not over fuse the electric panel if the fuses continue to blow. Reduce the number of electrical appliances on that circuit. Most household circuits are designed for fifteen amps and some heaters require as much as twelve to fourteen amps to operate
  • Use CSA or ULC approved products
  • Never use a space heater with a damaged electrical cord
  • When using a fuel fired space heater such as kerosene, provide sufficient fresh air and ventilation
  • Never re-fuel the space heater indoors
  • Turn off and unplug space heaters when leaving the room or home
  • Turn off and unplug space heaters before going to bed
  • Choose space heaters with an auto shutoff if tipped over