Fire Prevention Week 2023

Each October, Tecumseh Fire & Rescue Services participates in Fire Prevention Week.  This is a province-wide campaign to increase public awareness about the importance of fire prevention. Tecumseh Fire & Rescue Services is excited to celebrate Fire Prevention Week on October 2-5, 2022, from 6-8pm at Fire Station 1 & 2. 

Join Tecumseh Fire at various events at both Fire Stations, including Fire Truck rides, meeting Sparky, tours of the Fire Stations, displays and fire safety demonstration for all ages to enjoy and meeting all your local Tecumseh firefighters.

This year’s theme “Cooking safety starts with YOU. Pay attention to fire prevention” educates everyone about simple but important actions to keep themselves and those around them safe when cooking. Cooking is the leading cause of house fires. Almost half of these fires resulted from the use of equipment or cooking left unattended. That's why it is imperative to practice smart fire prevention while in the kitchen.

The Tecumseh Fire & Rescue Service thanks everyone for their continued support and participation in our virtual/community events.