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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Council Connect: Highlights from December 12, 2023, meetings of Council

Regular Meeting of Council

Friendship Agreement – Can-Am Indian Friendship Centre and Town of Tecumseh: Town Council approved entering into a Friendship Agreement with the Can-Am Indian Friendship Centre (CAIFC). (CAIFC) was incorporated in 1982 and is a grass-roots organization located in Windsor serving the urban Indigenous people of Windsor and all municipalities in Essex County. The CAIFC is a member of the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres (OFIFC), which is the umbrella organization for 29 Friendship Centres across Ontario that work to support and advocate for urban Indigenous communities. The Friendship Agreement provides opportunities to coordinate efforts to support the urban Indigenous community in Tecumseh by facilitating access to culturally appropriate services and programs for all ages. 

Lease Agreement Renewal Powertech Hockey Development (2013) Ltd: Council authorized the rental agreement with Powertech Hockey Development for an additional 5 years and incorporated a monthly rental fee of $2,700 plus H.S.T. from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2028. Powertech has continued to offer a specialized sport training/programming service at the Tecumseh Arena and has met all its obligations while providing a quality sports training program for athletes of all ages and abilities. The agreement has also resulted in increased ice rentals which, in turn, has provided additional revenue to the Arena facility. 

Town of Tecumseh Multi-Year Accessibility Plan for 2024-2028: Council has approved the Multi-Year Accessibility Plan for 2024-2028. This comprehensive five-year strategy is designed to anticipate, recognize, and eliminate accessibility obstacles throughout the Town organization. It involves a commitment to specific initiatives and goals to ensure that individuals with disabilities can actively engage in the Town's programs, services, facilities, public spaces, information and communication, as well as employment opportunities. 

Council Renumeration Review - Final Report: In July 2023, the Director of People & Culture, in collaboration with a Compensation Consultant from ML Consulting, conducted an independent Council Remuneration Review. This involved collecting market data from 14 comparator municipalities, conducting analysis and drafting recommendations based on the findings. The principal aim of the 2023 Council Remuneration Study was to review the base pay and other compensation components for the positions of Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Councillors, utilizing the comparator group selected for the 2023 Staff Compensation Review. The Consultant identified that the base pay remuneration for the Mayor was comparatively low in relation to the defined pay market and 65th percentile target, the same target applied to non-bargaining unit staff in the Town. As a result, a recommendation was made to adjust the Mayor's salary from $47,258 to $59,496, effective January 1, 2024. No changes were proposed for the Deputy Mayor and Council positions. The report, including the recommended salary adjustment, was approved by the Council. 

Amendments to ERCA Non-Mandatory Cost Apportioning Agreement: On November 14, 2023, Council approved a Cost Apportioning Agreement with the Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) for non-mandatory programs and services. However, subsequent decisions by the City of Windsor to withdraw support for the Land Acquisition fund and reduce backing for the Agricultural Stewardship and Outreach program led to necessary changes in the agreement. ERCA has decided to remove the Agricultural program for 2024. With respect to the Land Acquisition fund, the remaining member municipalities must decide their level of support given Windsor’s decision to remove 51% of the funding for this program. At this time, Administration recommended that Tecumseh pause the Land Acquisition fund contribution for 2024 to permit an evaluation of the past performance of the fund as well as other options for ecological land stewardship, with a report out to Council before deliberations for the 2025 operating budget. By-law No. 2023-118 was amended and given first, second, third and final reading.  

Tecumseh Transit Service (TTS) One-Year Extension of Transit Delivery and Maintenance Services Agreement with First Canada ULC: The Tecumseh Transit Service (TTS) is currently completing its fourteenth year of operation covering approximately 30 kilometres and 35 stops. In recent years, discussions of extending service into Lakeshore and Windsor have arisen. After discussions with neighbouring municipalities, Town Administration has concluded that a request for an extension of transit service into Lakeshore and Windsor is not anticipated in the near term. Earlier in 2023, Tecumseh was awarded $1,080,000 through the Rural Transit Solutions Fund (“RTSF”) to purchase two accessible electric transit buses and a charging station. Prices for the electric buses have decreased, allowing Tecumseh to purchase three buses and two chargers in 2024. Council received the report for a one-year extension of Transit Delivery and Maintenance Services Agreement with First Canada ULC and By-law 2023-120 was given first, second and third and final reading. 

Administrative Fees and Charges 2024: Council has annually approved a by-law for Administrative Fees and Charges put forward by departments for various municipal goods, programs and services. Fees and charges are raised annually to reflect the increase in CPI over the year, which was 3.8% for September 2023 over September 2022. Additional increases were proposed for some services and some new service charges were introduced. The full list of changes can be viewed here.  Council approved By-law No. 2023-115 and By-law No. 2023-119.  

Next Regular Meeting: The next regular meeting of Council is January 23, 2024. The meeting is scheduled to be held electronically. The agenda and livestream will be available on the Town’s website. Follow the Town of Tecumseh on Facebook and X for news and the latest information.