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For Immediate Release
Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Tecumseh Launches Farm 911 Initiative 

Tecumseh, ON – The Town of Tecumseh is pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative, Farm 911, also known as the Emily Project. The Farm 911 Emily Project is a program that assigns civic addresses to existing access points on vacant agricultural and rural lands. Individuals applying for a 911 sign for these properties will receive a yellow Farm 911 sign for easy identification by emergency services.

The Emily Project came about following a farm accident in Hastings, Ontario, in which a young girl named Emily Trudeau died when emergency services vehicles responding to the call had difficulty locating the site of the accident as there was no civic address assigned to the field entrance.

There are over 75 municipalities and counties in Ontario currently participating in the Project, and the Town of Tecumseh is the first in Windsor/Essex County. The group’s mission statement is to bring ideas, resources, and community partners together to improve emergency services in our rural communities.

“We are excited to be leading the charge on this in Windsor Essex. It is a great initiative to keep our residents safe, especially those in the agricultural sector,’ said Mayor Gary McNamara. “The idea for this project was raised by one of our citizens and the Emily Project has the full support of Council.”

More information about this initiative can be found at To apply to the Farm 911 – The Emily Project you must complete the form here and pay a $40 +HST one-time fee.


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