Town Ends Pandemic State of Emergency

A local state of emergency declared at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic has been lifted and visitors to Town of Tecumseh facilities are no longer required to wear masks.
Mayor Gary McNamara, in consultation with Town administration and public health officials, has ended the state of emergency declared two years ago due to the pandemic. The decision comes as key public health indicators remain stable or improve, and after the Province of Ontario lifted general masking requirements as of March 21, 2022.
Residents are reminded that provincial public health and workplace safety measures still require everyone to wear masks while riding on public transit, in health-care settings, and in long-term care and retirement homes. As well, Town staff members will continue to wear masks for the protection of the public and their co-workers.
Tecumseh residents are encouraged to ensure they have had three COVID-19 vaccine doses, and to continue wearing masks and taking other precautions in public settings.
“While COVID-19 has not gone away, the conditions that resulted in the local state of emergency no longer exist,” Mayor McNamara said. “We are confident the Town can move forward safely and that residents will take appropriate steps to protect each other. The kindness and patience Tecumseh residents and businesses have shown is incredible. We are also grateful to Town staff for their hard work and diligence in serving the community and keeping everyone safe during this challenging time.”
Town officials will continue to monitor public health guidance closely, take appropriate steps and keep residents and local businesses informed. To learn more about Ontario’s response go to province’s COVID-19 public health measures and advice web page.