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Zoning By-Law Project 

The Town of Tecumseh is currently undertaking a comprehensive review of its Zoning By-laws and existing zoning framework. The Zoning By-law is the Town’s primary tool to regulate the use of all land in the Town; it divides land into various zone categories such as residential, commercial, and employment, and establishes what uses are permitted and where buildings can be located on a property. This project includes consolidating the Town’s existing three Zoning By-laws (the former Town of Tecumseh, the former Village of St. Clair Beach, and the former Township of Sandwich South) into one new Zoning By-law that will be updated with contemporary uses and standards. The new Zoning By-law follows approval of the Town’s new Official Plan by the County of Essex in June of 2021. The creation of a new Zoning By-law will serve as an opportunity to implement the updated vision for the Town by putting the Official Plan’s general policies into specific regulations that are required to be met when developing or using a property.

To find out more information on the project, you can access the Technical Memo 1 and Technical Memo 2. Reports updated as of June 29, 2023. 

You can access the Open House display boards here

 What is a Zoning By-law?     
 A Zoning By-law sets out the rules for how we develop and use land. The by-law tells us:
  • What a property can be used for (e.g., commercial or residential);
  • Minimum lot sizes;
  • Where buildings can be placed (distance between property lines and building);
  • How tall, what size, and how many buildings can be built (including rules for accessory structures like sheds and gazebos); and,
  • How many parking spaces are needed based on use.
 When were the Town’s existing Zoning By-laws last updated?
The Town of Tecumseh is currently subject to three existing Zoning By-laws. The Tecumseh Zoning By-law (1746) was first adopted in 1987, the St. Clair Beach Zoning By-law was first adopted in 1994, and the Township of Sandwich South Zoning By-law was first adopted in 1985. Over the years, several amendments have occurred to each by-law. As per Section 26(9) of the Planning Act, zoning by-laws are to be reviewed within 3 years of completing an Official Plan Review. The new Tecumseh Zoning By-law will need to be consistent with the new Official Plan, and also needs to be reviewed due to the age of current standards, and large number of amendments and minor variances that have been approved over the years to facilitate development. 
 Why is the Town consolidating the existing three Zoning By-laws into one?
There are three existing comprehensive Zoning By-laws that apply to different portions of the Town brought about through previous government amalgamations. The use of three separate Zoning By-laws within the Town has created inconsistent standards and requirements, along with difficulties in implementation. The consolidation of the three existing by-laws will result in a streamlined and modern Zoning By-law that reflects the range of urban, employment/business, agricultural and rural uses throughout the Town, all contributing to the Town’s character. A significant component of this work will also be the consolidation of the existing by-laws, including numerous amendments which have accumulated over the years (as is normal).
 How will the Town’s new Official Plan approved in June 2021 affect the new Zoning By-law?
Bringing the Town’s zoning into conformity with the Official Plan is also critical step. With a new Official Plan in place, this presents a unique opportunity to revamp the Town’s zoning. Zoning by-laws are often referred to as the primary vehicles for implementing the Official Plan. When conducting zoning reviews, we are often asked by residents what it means to “bring zoning into conformity with the Official Plan.” In the simplest terms, this usually means ensuring that the Zoning By-law is not more permissive than the Official Plan. Beyond land use permissions, Official Plan conformity also means ensuring that the zoning is aligned with other policies, such as protecting people and property from natural hazards, promoting a range of housing types, and so on.
How can I be involved? 
There will be several opportunities for the public and landowners to be involved in this project through 2022/2023, including public open houses and online engagement. Additionally, this webpage will be updated throughout the project with key documents for public review. Subscribe to this webpage, below, to receive project updates.
Who do I contact with questions? 

 Planning Department Contacts:

Chad Jeffery, Manager Planning - cjeffery@tecumseh.ca 519 735 2184 x154

Enrico Dececco, Planner - edececco@tecumseh.ca 519 735 2184 x123

 Key Dates: 

Public Open House: Wednesday, May 24, 2023 from 2-4pm and 5-7pm. 

Town Municipal Office – Council Chambers 917 Lesperance Road