Council Chambers

Here are the highlights from the Meetings of Council this evening:

Brighton Road Traffic Study: Council received the report on the Brighton Road Traffic Study and approved recommendations outlined in the report subject to future budget deliberations. The improvements include things like updating signage and pavement markings on existing multi-use pathways, retaining existing raised islands and other traffic calming measures. Information about these potential improvements on our website at

Tecumseh Police Services Board: Council received a presentation from the Tecumseh Police Services Board outlining recent calls for service data  and upcoming changes in policing levels that are on the horizon. Comparative policing costs were provided for Tecumseh and other police services in the region.  The presentation also provided an overview of the 2020 budget which maintains current level of service. 2020 is the final year of a six-year contract.  Cost of policing in Town is calculated by a base service plus calls for service. Tecumseh ranks third in lowest cost per household for policing services in the region at $153 per capita and $400 per household (2018).

9-1-1 Misdials: Council received a report on the increasing number of 9-1-1 misdials and approved lobbying the telecommunications industry and smart phone manufacturers to develop a solution to the misdial issue. 9-1-1 misdials have increased by 65% over the last year for an average of 30 calls per day within the Essex County detachment area. As of October 12, 2019, the OPP had responded to 1,082 9-1-1 related misdial calls in Tecumseh alone. 9-1-1 misdials are billed to the Town on a call-per-service basis and each 9-1-1 call is responded to with two OPP officers at an average time per call of 1.2 hours. Smart phone users are encouraged to look at how to turn off the automatic feature on their phones and set their lock screen when not in use.

Tecumseh 2020 Budget: Council received the proposed 2020 Business Plan and Budget, and heard from the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer and Director of Financial Services. Deliberation on the proposed budget will be held Tuesday, November 19 beginning at 5 p.m. Approval of the 2020 Budget and Business Plan is expected at the December 10, 2019 meeting of Council. The proposed budget outlines a tax rate increase of 0.4% for 2020. The budget document will be posted online Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at

Windsor-Essex Climate Change Collaborative Partnership: Council approved participating in the Federation of Municipalities’ “Partners for Climate Change Program” (PCP). The Town will be part of the Essex County team undertaking a Community Energy Plan which will feed into a Corporate Climate Action Plan. The Corporate Climate Action Plan will establish goals and actions outlining corporate mitigation and adaptation activities. As part of this initiative, the Town will be required to contribute $15,000. Council referred this funding to budget deliberations on November 19. Council will appoint a member of Council and staff as the municipal representatives to oversee implementation of the plan and be the points of contact for Tecumseh during the budget deliberations. The County of Essex and the Essex Region Conservation Authority will oversee the project with participating lower tier municipalities contributing and completing relevant municipal work. Planned timelines for the project are December 2019 to July 2021 with public consultation included.

Lacasse Grandstand: Council received a report on the condition of the Lacasse Grandstands and referred funding for a study on potential improvements to budget deliberations on November 19. The Town is seeking funds to engage the services of an architect to review the grandstands and prepare designs and costing of replacement. This process will include public consultation and a report back to Council following that work will seek direction on next steps.

Town Hall Expansion: Council approved the awarding of the $2.8 million contract to expand Town Hall to Elmara Construction Limited. The last expansion of the building was completed in 2005 and those renovations had a life span of 10 years. Town Hall has reached capacity and the planned expansion will provide additional office space, enhancements to Council Chambers, improved accessibility, more meeting space, improved technology and various energy efficiency improvements. Construction is expected to begin after the Christmas in Tecumseh event on November 25.

Corn Festival: Council directed Administration to undertake a detailed program review and public consultation on the future direction of the Tecumseh Corn Festival with a report back to Council. The 2020 Corn Festival would celebrate 45 years and the event has undergone different management structures and plans over the history.

Manning Road Secondary Plan Area: Council approved adding the Manning Road Secondary Plan Area, Stormwater Management Facility to the 2019-2023 Public Works and Environmental Services Five Year Capital Works Plan. It further approved that $40,000 in expenses to acquire lands for this facility be funded out of the Storm Sewer Lifecycle Reserve Fund. Further funding for additional work will be referred to budget deliberations next year on the 2020-2024 Public Works and Environmental Services Five Year Capital Works Plans. This decision is a result of nine years of public consultation and study and the Town is now taking necessary steps to implement the approved regional Stormwater Management Facility for the area.

A Special Meeting of Council will be held Tuesday, November 19 at 5 p.m. for deliberations on the 2020 Business Plan and Budget.

The next Regular Meeting of Council is November 26, 2019 at 7 p.m. Full agenda details will be available on the Town’s website Thursday, November 21.