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Tecumseh Town Council met electronically this evening and here are the highlights:

Brouillette Manor: Council approved the Site Plan Control Agreement for the phased development of a new 5,408 square metre (58,211 square feet), 96 bed long term care facility and demolition of the existing facility on Brouillette Court. This facility will replace the existing 60 bed facility on the same site. Council also adopted a by-law amending the Zoning By-Law for a portion of the property from “Holding Community Facility Zone” to “Community Facility Zone” to allow the project to proceed. The project will be constructed in two phases with construction of part of the new facility (64 beds) first before demolishing the existing facility and completing construction of the remainder of the project (32 beds) and associated parking and landscaping.   

11941 Tecumseh Road: Council approved the Site Plan Control Agreement for a new four storey, 38-unit apartment building at 11941 Tecumseh Road just west of Shawnee Road. The building will consist of 27 two-bedroom and 11 one-bedroom rental units. Council also approved two Community Improvement Plan (CIP) grants for the development. The first is a $100,000 Development Charges grant, the maximum available, to be applied to total Development Charges of just over $300,000. Council further approved a Building and Property Improvement Grant to offset municipal property tax increases associated with the development for a period of five years. The amount of the grant is based on the incremental increase in the portion of property tax that would result from the development. The grant is expected to be in the order of $147,260 in total over the five-year period.

2020 Bridge and Culvert Needs Study: Council received a report on the 2020 Bridge and Culvert Needs study and approved prioritizing the recommended rehabilitation items in the Public Works and Environmental Services (PWES) 5-Year Capital Works Plan. Such studies are conducted at regular intervals, with the last one completed in 2018. The purpose of the study is to assess existing bridges and culverts with a span of greater than three metres in Town and recommend a plan for required improvements and maintenance in the next ten years. Eighteen (18) structures were assessed; the overall average assessment index value in 2020 is 78.4, indicating that the Town is maintaining its bridges and culverts in good condition. Two structures (#1028 East Townline Drain at St. Thomas Street Bridge and #1029 East Townline Drain at Little River Road Bridge) were identified with deficiencies requiring rehabilitation in the next one to five years and one structure (#1016 Collins Drain at Outer Drive) was identified with deficiencies requiring rehabilitation in the next six to ten years. These projects will be prioritized in the annual PWES Capital Works Plan.

Manning Road Pump Station-Fish Pond Inlet Repairs: Council approved the tender award of $129,700 to SheaRock Construction Group for repairs to the Manning Road Pump Station-Fish Pond Inlet. At the Regular Meeting of Council on June 9, 2020, Council was advised that due to high lake levels and strong winds, the east bank of the fish pond at the Manning Road Pump Station has eroded. Council approved repairs as continued erosion could potentially undermine the stability of the fence and walkway causing safety risks to pedestrians.    

Annual West Nile Virus Mosquito Larvicide Program: Council received a report on the annual West Nile Virus Mosquito Larvicide Program. Since 2003, the Windsor Essex County Health Unit (WECHU) has conducted a surveillance program for the West Nile Virus in Essex County. As the virus has been found in Essex County, the WECHU has determined that larviciding in mosquito breeding sites is prudent for this year. They have contracted GDG Canada to conduct this work. The Town has provided correspondence to the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks as well as GDG authorizing the application of larvicides in water bodies found to contain mosquito species known to transmit the West Nile Virus in the Town of Tecumseh.

Paramedics Week Banner: Council moved to waive the $500 fee under the Town’s Banner Policy for the Essex Windsor Emergency Medical Services to place a banner over Tecumseh Road near Southfield Drive in recognition of Paramedics Services Week (May 23-29). The banner will be in place for three weeks from May 16 to June 6.

The next Regular Meeting of Council is Tuesday, May 25, 2021. The meeting is scheduled to be held electronically. The live stream will be available on our website at The agenda for the Regular meeting will be made available on Thursday, May 20, 2021. 


Media Contact: Lesley Reeves, Manager Strategic Initiatives, 519-735-2184 Ext. 150