Town of Tecumseh Flooding Event

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Yard waste pick-up will continue as scheduled Monday, October 17. Flood debris pick-up will continue today and tomorrow. We remind everyone that restoration companies are responsible for removal of flood debris. You are encouraged to review your contracts to determine if you are being charged for this removal when debris is being placed at the curb. We also remind residents outside of Tecumseh that dumping debris in Town is illegal and subject to penalty. To report any dumping activity, please get the licence plate of the vehicle and contact *677 from a hands free mobile device or 1-888-310-1122. Applications for the Ontario Disaster Recovery Assistance applications are also available on our website. Residents impacted by the flooding two weeks ago are encouraged to apply as they may be eligible for coverage. The program does cover overland flooding, infiltration flooding and sump pump failure.


WDS is out collecting regular household garbage today. In addition, WDS, private contractors, and staff from the Public Works and Environmental Services and Parks Departments are also picking up flood debris with heavy equipment and trucks. Flood debris pick-up will continue tomorrow and Saturday. We understand there are still some areas that have not received pick-up and crews are working as quickly as they can. Since the flood event on September 28-29, approximately 1.2 million kilograms of waste has been collected. Normal monthly totals are 400,000 – 500,000. To date, crews have collected more than two months’ worth of debris. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding. This is a slow going process but waste disposal crews are making progress.


Public Works crews continue to pick up debris today with a dump trucks and heavy equipment. They will not be picking up furniture and other large items as WDS will use heavy equipment. This is a slow going process due to the volume of debris. In addition to WDS, the Town has engaged private contractors to assist with debris pick-up. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding. Homeowners who have contractors completing work in their homes under insurance are encouraged to rent a bin for their debris.
If you are concerned about rodents, you can keep your household waste inside cans, garages or sheds.


Flood debris pick-up continues in Tecumseh today with heavy equipment. Public Works crews are assisting WDS in the collection of flood debris with three trucks, two backhoes and six staff. WDS was out all day Monday collecting regular garbage and flood debris. More than 850,000 kg of waste has been picked up which has had an impact on timelines and resources.


Windsor Disposal Services (WDS) attempted to pick-up as much flood debris as possible yesterday however, the heavy weight and volume of materials slowed them down. Heavy equipment has been dispatched to lift the larger, bulkier items with a crew following to pick up the smaller items. We are aware that areas of the Town have not been reached yet. Yard waste pick-up on Monday will be replaced with flood debris pick-up. We expect this process will take some time as crews are spending up to 45 minutes per pile. We thank you for your continued patience and understanding as this will take several days to complete.

We are aware that many residences have unfortunately not had flood debris or regular waste pick-up yet this week. We assure you that trucks are out and working. It is simply a case of high volumes, large bulky items that take more time and debris strewn across sidewalks, driveways and streets. Crews are working as quickly as they can and dealing with piles of debris upwards of 5-8 feet high. Crews will continue to pick-up on Saturday and Monday in areas that have not had a pick-up. If your residence has had a pick-up, it is possible that a second run may not occur before Thursday. We are asking for your continued patience and consideration for staff and contractors as they respond to this immense task. You can help by bundling your debris, keeping it off the sidewalks and roads and breaking down large piles into manageable stacks. Approximately 500,000 kg of materials collected to date.

•       Thursday, September 29—regular collection
•       Monday, October 3—yard waste substituted for flood debris pick-up
•       Tuesday, October 4—3 trucks on flood debris pick-up
•       Thursday, October 6—10 trucks, 20 crew on flood debris pick-up
•       Friday, October 7—heavy equipment to pick up bulky/heavy items
•       Saturday, October 8—heavy equipment to pick up bulky/heavy items
•       Monday, October 10—yard waste substituted for flood debris pick-up and heavy equipment to pick up bulky/heavy items


Update on waste pick-up: Windsor Disposal Service  has advised it was slow going today. Crews are still out in Tecumseh and will continue for a few more hours. We are working with WDS on the option to bring in heavy equipment to pick-up the bulky items and heavier volume areas. Please be patient as the crews are working as hard as they can.

UPDATE OCTOBER 5, 2016 - 4:15

A week after approximately 195 mm (7.74 inches) of rain fell on the Town of Tecumseh and the surrounding area, recovery has been moving forward.

“I always say the people of Tecumseh are fantastic and this is true this week,” said Mayor Gary McNamara. “What this Town has been through is unprecedented. No Mayor likes to see their municipality in crisis; however I’m proud of how the people of our Town have responded. I want to thank everyone for their efforts.”

The Town has logged more than 1,200 flood survey responses and more than 300 calls or visits have been made to Town Hall. Staff members have responded and assisted where possible.

The Town has also worked with Windsor Disposal Services (WDS) for additional pick-ups of flood debris. Yard waste collection was partially suspended Monday and three trucks added on Tuesday. More than 190 tonnes (190,000 kg) of waste was collected. At one point, it took three hours to complete one street. Regular pick-up will occur Thursday with yard waste collection replaced with flood debris pick-up on Thanksgiving Day.

“I acknowledge the efforts of Town staff and contractors for their emergency response,” said Chief Administrative Officer, Tony Haddad. “Crises like these demonstrate how well people respond and our employees—particularly front line staff—has responded admirably. They have been helping residents while keeping up with their day-to-day responsibilities. In many cases they too have experienced damage to their residences but continue to provide excellent customer service.”

Applications for the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs Disaster Recovery Assistance Program have been posted on the Tecumseh website. Applicants are urged to contact 1-844-780-8925 for assistance with completing their application.

Click here for program details

Click here to download program application form

(If your computer is unable to view the above fillable document, download the the attached DRAQ printable form at the bottom of this page)

Samaritan’s Purse Canada, a Christian relief and development organization, has sent its Disaster Relief Unit tractor trailer to the area to provide free support to those affected by the flooding. Anyone in need of assistance or wishing to volunteer can call 1-866-628-6565. Businesses who wish to donate may also call this number.

If they have not done so already, residents are encouraged to fill out the Town’s flood survey at Businesses that have questions about business loss should contact the Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corporation’s Ombudsman at 519-255-9200 ext 2222.

Click here for information on the financial subsidy for the installation of a backwater valve device

Click here for information on how to protect your home from flooding

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