Tecumseh Residents Give Town Feedback in Citizen Satisfaction Survey

survey results

Tecumseh – Tecumseh’s 2017 Citizen Satisfaction Survey, designed and conducted by Probe Research Inc., was presented to Council tonight and revealed that 98% of Tecumseh residents are satisfied with the services provided by the Town. Similar surveys were conducted in 2014 and 2016 to gauge citizen satisfaction with Town provided services and quality of life in the Town of Tecumseh.

“Council recognizes that citizen engagement and communication, as one of the Town’s key strategic priorities, is important in the provision and improvement of services. We will continue to reach out to our residents to find out where we shine and where we can do better.” (Mayor, Gary McNamara)

Other highlights from the survey include:

• Flooding is a new and significant issue, but this top-of-mind concern has not dramatically changed residents’ positive views about life in Tecumseh or town services.
• Citizen satisfaction with core town services - the ones citizens feel are most important - continues to be strong.
• There is support for a Sportsplex (even if that means a tax increase).
• There is generally strong awareness of Town events and festivals, establishing a solid base from which to grow attendance.
• Residents continue to look to the Town’s website, social media sites and Citizen Alert System for information.
• Residents are receptive to utilizing e-services and voting online.

Probe Research conducted telephone interviews among a random and representative sampling of 400 adult residents of Tecumseh between November 9 - 29, 2017. This sample size provides 95 percent certainty that the results are within +/- 4.9 percentage points of similar results of a survey of the entire adult population of Tecumseh. Modified random-digit dialing provided equal opportunity for participation and minor statistical weighting was applied to ensure that the age and gender balance correspond with the province as a whole.
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